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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mom of twins, you're my hero!

I went to my local baby-wearing group today ("The Magic City Slingers"--how's that for an awesome name!), and while I was listening to Susie, our "master baby-wearer," teach us about wrapping (hopefully photos of Charles and I in our borrowed Didymos will follow in a later post), I realized that a young mom sitting in the floor nearby had newborn TWINS wrapped up on her chest!  They were facing each other and sleeping soundly in their woven wrap, so I'd just assumed there was only one baby in there.  She also had a toddler with a "Big Brother" shirt snuggled up next to her.  She couldn't have been older than I am, yet there she was, mother of three, serenely snuggling her three little joys.

I kept an eye on her for the rest of the meet-up (trying not to seem too stalkerish), because I was so fascinated that even when both newborns started crying and wanting to nurse, she still kept her cool and simply responded to their needs.  When I had one baby that age, I was not nearly so cool about meeting his needs in public (or even at home).  I was more likely to burst into tears!  Watching her with her tiny loves was such a peaceful experience, and so encouraging to see.

I know that I only saw a slice of her life, that she probably has bad moments, or gets overwhelmed, or just cries right along with her babies--but for that hour, she was an inspiration.  So thank you, momma of twins + 1, for loving your babies and demonstrating joy and peace in motherhood to a bunch of moms who need it!  You rock!  If I see you there next month, I'll make sure to tell you so in person.  :)

This is not the mom from the group, but very similar to how her babies were wrapped!

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